Monday, May 22, 2017

2016 to 2017 (spring)

Here come some major updates!

Since last time, our second son, David, was born and has already hit the 1 year mark! He fits perfectly in our little family and loves playing and chilling with his siblings. (and stealing their food, our kids are always great eaters haha)

We are still in the Ginowan area, at the church and Bible college. Eder taught the book of Matthews this past semester (just finished), first time teaching at the college since we were interns.
He has continued with the Young Adult's/College age ministry, it's been great to see the fellowship from it grow and to see the different talents and gifts of each member being used.
Many of our friends and the interns and students here are stepping out and translating! They work so hard, we are very proud of them and their hard work.

I've had the opportunity to lead in worship for a recent Women's conference during Golden Week (a special holiday here that everyone gets time off for). That was totally blessed by Jesus, because i struggle with skin issues on my hands that make playing guitar difficult. But during the conference and weeks before it cleared up and i was able to play! Praise Jesus!

I also have gotten to share my testimony, and teach a few times for our monthly Women's Fellowship night. God has really grown my ability to teach and put together messages. I've always struggled with expressing my thoughts clearly, and it really effected my studying. But the more i have done it, and prayed through it, and used my brain (haha), it has become a smoother process.

There are new additions to the church with a few on the way. The Tipton family had a beautiful little girl, and two of our other friends are awaiting babies this fall! A very exciting time in their lives, and it is awesome to get to watch it.

We've also attended two weddings last year of our close friends, the Risso's and the Myers! So awesome to have seen them come together as couple's and then watch them get married.

We have been able to see family pretty often over the past year and a half. Eder's parents and sister made a trip out here to meet David after he was born. We went back to the states for Christmas, Elena's 2nd time and Philip's and David's 1st time to spend Christmas there.
Then, this past April, my mom came out to visit and meet David.

Last summer, we welcomed back our good friends: the Spearmans! I have known them since before highschool, and Eder met them out here in Bible college. They now have two kids, and all of our kids were instant best friends. It is a huge blessing to have them in our daily lives again.

We have the S.O.S. Summer of Service coming up in the next few months, and two different mission trip crews coming out. We will be staying here this summer, and it looks like we have a busy (but fun!) schedule ahead of us.

Some praise reports we have are:
-Our car! We got a "mini" van (like a big k-car) that fits all of us with a bit of extra space to give people rides.
-All the kids have car seats!
-We were given a FREE washing machine (the day we went to look at them, we made a phone call to get some advice and found out there was a free one waiting for us)
There are so many more, like the pregnancy going smoothly and fast, kids being in good health, getting all paperwork and things at the city office figured out.

We have some prayer requests, if you could please lift us up in prayer:
Our family:
-The children: to grow, learn, and love one another.
-Us: to keep going strong as parents and servants, to keep seeking ways to love each other and invest in each other.
-Wisdom in finding our place (home)

-Amanda: teaching opportunities, health/healing (stomach and skin issues)
-Worship ministry (both of us): guidance to try songs that truly lead in worship, diligence in practicing and using our abilities.
-Young Adults ministry: Eder is planning a retreat with the group, planning for July.
-Bible college: next semester is coming and Eder is praying for what course he will teach.
-Children's ministry: we don't want to grow complacent and just teach formula messages, but we want to seek Jesus and the leading of the Spirit for fresh messages to teach God's kids.

Things have been getting tighter around here financially. We are not concerned but we know that it is good to ask for prayer in God's awesome provision.
May 2018, the church is taking a trip to Israel. Praying for God to provide that we could go on the trip.
Also, our car's AC needs to be fixed. Last year it broke in the middle of summer, and it is really rough for the kids (the windows in the back do not open). We have been blessed through our friend here who has been looking for parts and checking our car out. Please pray we can find out what needs to be fixed, and for provision for it (that it would be cheap too!).

We want to thank everyone who follows us on here and on Facebook, who prays for us and who supports us in the many ways that you all do. We are very humbled and blessed. We apologize for the long gaps in between posts, and hope that you have either tagged along for the ride through facebook or talking to us in person (via video chatting). Thank you, God is good and we are so blessed that His hands and feet reach all over the world.

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